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Hi lovely!

I decided to move to blogger in order to be freer when personalizing my blog, click the link just here to go on the BRAND NEW BLOG LILI-PURPLE LIPS

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Better in a woolen sweater


Hi Lovely!

Aren’t there clothes that you feel better in than other? Actually, this is something that happened to everybody. Some people just love to feel cozy in their outfit, especially when it’s cold outside and when the breeze is frozen. However, this isn’t a good excuse to wear disgusting jogging or that old and messy sweater you received from your first boyfriend. In these days, the trend deals with large, fluffy, cozy, woolen sweater, and you can trust me: they are really comfortable and they’re able to warm your body as fast as you just have to wear them. Continue reading

Sparkling Tea 


Hi lovely!

In order to prepare the start the new year and the beginning of this fashion (and travel) blog, I would like to show and comment the outfit I was wearing on Christmas Day because every day is a celebration. Well, I’m particularly fond of fashion as I love dressing up myself several times in a day, just like a princess or a celebrity even if I do not have a huge closet. To my mind, fashion is a way to express one’s creativity, personality and to show how someone is unique.  Continue reading

Disneyland Paris at Christmas


Hi Lovely!

What is more magic than spending Christmas holidays at Disneyland Paris with the people you love the most? Maybe a night on the moon (ironical). When all is said and done nothing can reach the top level of this amusement park!
Actually, I wasn’t there on the exact day of Christmas but the two days after (December 26th and 27th). However, the spirit of Christmas was still there, characters were wearing their Christmas’ costumes and all. Let’s review this trip in Disneyland Paris at Christmas holidays! Continue reading