Better in a woolen sweater


Hi Lovely!

Aren’t there clothes that you feel better in than other? Actually, this is something that happened to everybody. Some people just love to feel cozy in their outfit, especially when it’s cold outside and when the breeze is frozen. However, this isn’t a good excuse to wear disgusting jogging or that old and messy sweater you received from your first boyfriend. In these days, the trend deals with large, fluffy, cozy, woolen sweater, and you can trust me: they are really comfortable and they’re able to warm your body as fast as you just have to wear them.Personally, I just keep enjoying winter times because I love my woolen sweaters. I have them in different colors, designs and all. But my favorite is still the same since last year: an oversize, white and woolen sweater from the brand  Jeanasis I’d bought in Japan last year. I don’t regret this fashionable investment. In fact, this sweater cost me about $50 with a reducing coupon. The texture is truly fluffy, like foam or cloud, that’s pretty convenient when it’s cold, just like at the very moment in France (1°C or less in the afternoon). The only negative point of this sweater is that it’s going to get shabby after several cleanings in the washing machine. I advise you to use a softening or a soothing product.

In winter I’m keen on wearing light colors to bring joy and sweetness in daily life. That is the reason why I had chosen light blue denim jean to put under this white sweater. Then I played with contrast when I picked my accessories in my box: a purple crew necklace and purple earrings (see previous post).

Well, winter outfit are as fashion as summer ones even if you can’t have the same degree of sexiness or other. You have to protect you against cold, here is a great solution, absolutely fashionable one! What are you waiting for picking up your woolen sweater in your closet and wear it then?

See you soon! Follow me on Instagram @lilipurple_ and twitter @julafille and comment below, and share and do whatever you want that makes you happy! Cheers!




PS: sorry for the bad quality of these pictures, they were taken with an Ipad mini, not a true camera.


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