Sparkling Tea 


Hi lovely!

In order to prepare the start the new year and the beginning of this fashion (and travel) blog, I would like to show and comment the outfit I was wearing on Christmas Day because every day is a celebration. Well, I’m particularly fond of fashion as I love dressing up myself several times in a day, just like a princess or a celebrity even if I do not have a huge closet. To my mind, fashion is a way to express one’s creativity, personality and to show how someone is unique. 

I named this look ‘Sparkling Tea’ because the accessories are truly sparkling: the necklace from Newlook is glittering like you can’t see on these pictures. Actually, it’s like having a firework around your neck when light reflects on it. As you can see I’m also wearing earrings, these are from Swarovski and they are part of my Christmas gifts.

The dress is also from Newlook, soft, gray, the texture of velvet is really comfortable, but let me give you a piece of advice: don’t forget to take a cardigan to put on your shoulders if it’s cold outside like in France currently. The shoes, very high shoes, are from New look and trust me: my feet weren’t hurting when I had to dance, play, go upstairs and all. In fact, I’m always at ease with high-heels. And at last but not least my tights, with dots, is the touch of cuteness.

Clothes aren’t just things. They allow you to be unique, to be creative and to recreate another style every single day! Isn’t it amazing to improve your sense every morning? Sometimes I feel freer when I’m wearing a shirt I like than when I have to wear trousers that don’t fit me as well as I imagined.

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