Disneyland Paris at Christmas


Hi Lovely!

What is more magic than spending Christmas holidays at Disneyland Paris with the people you love the most? Maybe a night on the moon (ironical). When all is said and done nothing can reach the top level of this amusement park!
Actually, I wasn’t there on the exact day of Christmas but the two days after (December 26th and 27th). However, the spirit of Christmas was still there, characters were wearing their Christmas’ costumes and all. Let’s review this trip in Disneyland Paris at Christmas holidays!

First of all, getting in the park is truly easy when you arrived by train at the station Chessy Marne la Valée because you just have to cross the wide open space then there you are!
Furthermore, the hotels aren’t that far from the station, a free bus drives you to your hotel but you can also go by walking along the street even if there is a huge traffic at certain hours.
For the Sequoia Lodge, you have to walk 15 minutes in average. This hotel was where I slept one night during my journey. The cozy ambiance, the wooden decorations, the carpet on the floor, the paints on the walls… everything acted like in a Disney’s movie or a fairy tale. When you step onto the entrance you must feel you heart getting warmer and warmer. Well, it’s pretty hot inside, especially when they are a lot of other families waiting for having their room keys and park tickets.


When I entered the room, I was astounded by the pictures of Bambi and its friends on the wall! How cute it was! The beds were tidy up like in a princess room, the curtains make me remind of several animated movies I had seen before growing up and becoming a ‘half-adult’ because I actually don’t consider myself to a teenager, anyway, this is not the purpose of this article.

These two days were more gripping than what I excepted to! Indeed, i firstly got boredom due to the bad weather, the sky had cried out for two hours and it was humid and cold and freezing. But, on the afternoon of the first day, we felt like in spring owing to the perfect blue sky even if it was still under 5°C. My heart was warm, my nose ran and my eyes were full of stars.


At the very beginning of this trip, I knew that hope and joy are necessary to live and to enjoy adventures.
I’m a dreamer, just like Mickey’a dad – Walt Disney – and always believe in my lucky star. Hope and ambition are keys to aim at dreams you’ve made before, don’t you think the same way?

With my family, we’ve been waiting outside to see the parade, shows and rode roller coasters because there were a lot of people, the two parks (Disneyland and Disney studios) were so busy, I’ve never seen something like this before. Well, thanks to folks, waiting time wasn’t that freezing.
The shows and parades were truly beautiful, amazing and gorgeous! I returned in childhood for a moment and wished there was a chance to become a princess one day.


As you can see I’m enchanted by these days at Disneyland Paris. Everything is perfect to set someone in one’s biggest dreams ever. But it has also bad points like the tiny choice for vegans at the restaurant. Hopefully, I brought fruits and other vegan snacks. But I found a tasty vegan snack: salty popcorns are all around the parks (like in Tokyo Disney Sea)! And the corn and beetroot salads were delicious.

Finally, I can say that Disney holds its promises. It was amazingly magical! I returned to my home with dead feet but a lot of memories, dreams and a brand new mug for my morning tea.
And you, what do you think about Disney’s parks all around the world?






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