Tokyo Disney Sea

Hi, Lovely!

Last year (January, 15th), when I lived in Japan, I went to Tokyo Disney Sea in the huge complex of Tokyo Disney Resort. On that day I recovered my child soul. It was fantastic to be a princess, just like in my sweet childhood, with princesses and their friends and my dreams.

“But why “Disney Sea”?”: The reason is Ariel is the main princess of this park, yu can visit her castle under the sea with all her friends! Sincerely, I found the decoration lovely, shelly, absolutely amazing! As a matter of facts, I would have been a mermaid when I was a little girl, so my dream became true the day I went to Tokyo Disney Sea.

There is no age to set dreams… This is a truly great piece of mind! Walt Disney didn’t create his empire in order to make children happy, he did it in order to be a dreamer, a magician, and sharing love all around the world by creating stories and tales for everybody. He gave us a cinematographic culture based on drawing, folkloric legends, and fairy tales and all. In every film, you can find a message about the daily lifestyle: love, magnanimity, simplicity, hopefulness… The theme of Disney’s Universe will always be like this, it can’t change now or in several decades. Disney sets legends and legendary characters, they are all in the children’s heart and brain like the higher level of humanity.

The park is very close to the capital city, it can be reached by train or bus. And it is also next to the other Disney park: Disney Land, where the main princess is Cinderella. When I enter the park, I firstly was surprised by the giant volcano with fire and smoke. Then, they’are a lot of roller coasters, obviously in the adventurers’area (my favorite).

It was just one day, however, I have a lot of memories and photographies (to follow just below).

So, what do you think about Disney’s imaginative world and Disney’s soul? Who’s your favorite character? Mine is Ariel (obviously). Don’t hesitate to comment below. I’m looking forward to reading your lovely story. Yu can also follow me on Instaman @ju_la_fille and twitter @julafille.




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